I’m Back! (Again)

Hi, everyone! I know that it’s been a really long time again and I’m sorry. The cause of my being so tired all of the time was finally discovered – and it turned out that a Vitamin D deficiency was to blame. In fact, my levels were so low that […]

KnitPro Zing Interchangeable Needles

A while ago, I wrote a review covering the KnitPro Zing range as it was at the time. Since then, KnitPro have also added interchangeable tips to the range, so it’s time update my original post and give them a review! As with other needles in the range, the Zing […]

Gothic Lace Cowl 2

Gothic Lace Cowl – Finished Object

With Christmas fast approaching and my health still in a tentative state, I needed to come up with a fairly easy item to make for my Mum. A knitter herself, I wanted to give her something that was both practical and pretty and made in the nicest yarn I could […]

My Bullet Journal Setup for 2017

Hi everyone and a very happy new year! I can’t say that I’m sad to put 2016 behind me and I’m hoping that we all have a much better 2017. I’ve not been up to much as the cold weather has been triggering my fibromyalgia – especially my hands – […]

Bullet Journal 2017 Cover

Indoor rain and other animals

Hi, everyone! This post was meant to be a bit better planned that it is, but we had a little surprise last night… Yep, our hot water tank developed a leak and brought the kitchen ceiling in. So, the house is in utter chaos at the moment and we had […]

Of Sleep Studies, Rolling Mauls and Breathing Walls 1

Hi everyone. Yep, I missed a week again, I know. But it’s just one rolling maul at the moment here on Planet Izzy. So, let’s grab a cuppa and catch up, shall we? Here is my last couple of weeks, handily illustrated by memes because I’m sure this will all […]

Bullet Journal Cover

In which Izzy discovers the Bullet Journal

Hi everyone! This post should have gone up last week but my body retains its ability to veto any of my plans. Earlier this month, I was wandering though Reddit, when I caught wind of something called a Bullet Journal.  I did some investigation, and it turns out that a […]

Let’s talk about anxiety

Hi everyone, I know that it’s been an really long time since I’ve posted, but to be honest, I’ve been too sick to even attempt it. I am currently being poked and prodded over an unknown problem that’s making me go to sleep everywhere. I’ve had one test, which was […]

Anxiety banner from Pixabay

View from my bed 5

The View from my Bed

I’m laid up today because my back is hurting and I’m having a fibro flare.  I’ve been feeling off for a few days so I haven’t had a chance to prepare anything for this post. So, instead, here is the view from my bed, which shows you some of what […]