Stash Enhancement (01/04/16)

Today I’d like to share some recent stash enhancement that dropped through my door this afternoon! After all of the excitement of completing two test knits and a gift knit within the last month, I decided that it was time for some relaxing knits in some yummy yarn that I could take all the time in the world to complete. Don’t get me wrong, I really love test knitting because it’s satisfying to help a designer out, but I need some time without deadlines or I’ll frazzle myself! All of the items shown here came from Deramores.

First up is this delicious Sheepjeswol Invicta Colour in colourway 955 (“Sunset”). Wow, this is one dramatic yarn and it is so, so soft that I can’t stop petting it! This beauty is destined to become an Angry Dragon, which is a relative of the Wingspan shawl (I talked about my Wingspan here) with the addition of beads and some lace work.

Stash Enhancement Sheepjes Invicta Colour

Related to the yarn above, I bought some new needles to make the Angry Dragon. My Mum and I have between us an enormous stock of various KnitPro interchangeable tips (Knitters Pride if you’re in the USA) in all sorts of sizes, but I have heard nothing but good about HiyaHiya Needles from podcasts, and most recently this thoughtful review posted by Vonna of Speckledblue, so I decided to try them for myself! My plan was to buy interchangeable tips and a cable, but I decided to go with the fixed circular to see how I get on with the needles as metal needles and I have a history of not seeing eye-to-eye. Those points look far sharper than anything I’m used to!

Stash Enhancement HiyaHiya Sharps

Next, some more yarn in the shape of Louisa Harding Amitola in colour 130 (“Gothic”). This is a lovely wool/silk blend DK weight yarn that is going to be turned into the beautiful Night Owl bed socks by Emma Wright that are at the back of this month’s Simply Knitting (May 2016 – I’m a subscriber so it may not be in the shops yet). Normally, I don’t use the yarn recommended for a pattern and spend hours poring over candidates, but in this case I fell in love hard with the Gothic colourway and so it just had to be done. This yarn is normally out of my budget but because I only needed one ball I found a way to justify it to myself!

Stash Enhancement Louisa Harding Amitola

I also treated myself to some new DPNs to make the Night Owl socks with. I already own a set of 4, 4mm 20cm DPNs from Pony, but I hate using them as I prefer a set of 5 DPNs and they are far, far too long. I’m having a bit of a love fest for KnitPro Zing needles at the moment, so I bought another set, which come in a pretty blue colour to denote their size:

Stash Enhancement KnitPro Zing 4mm DPNs

Finally, I bought myself a new cardigan pattern – the Ladies Long Summer Cardigan pattern (leaflet 4082) from Patons. I saw this pattern advertised in a couple of knitting magazines back in February, loved it and commenced an increasingly frantic hunt for a place to buy the pattern from. Eventually, in March, Deramores started listing the pattern and the Patons Summer Cotton yarn to go with it. The yarn looked kind of strange to me, so I bought a single ball in colour 90 (“Shale”) to get a closer look at it before I dropped around £40 on enough yarn to make the pattern. This yarn is indeed an odd beast and seems to be of chainette construction around a solid core and has a nice soft, squishy, almost t-shirt feel to it. I’m really glad I bought a sample ball, because the yarn is much lighter in colour than I was expecting, so I’ll be ordering a darker grey when I’m ready to knit the garment, plus I can check my tension using this lighter ball.

Stash Enhancement Patons Summer Cotton and Pattern

Well, that wraps up this little stash enhancement. I’ve ordered the beads to make the Angry Dragon and there should be enough here to keep me entertained for a while! (Even without mentioning the other projects I have on the needles *ahem*). Thanks for reading and please let me know about your recent stash enhancements in the comments!

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