Embroidered Notions Case – Finished Object

My Mum takes her knitting out and about with her, so I thought that it would be nice to make her a notions case to keep all her bits and pieces in. With her birthday coming up, I buckled down and created what I think is my most challenging piece yet! This post will just cover the whole of the case, then in my next post I’ll take a closer look at a few of my favorite bits. This is the front of the case:

Embroidered Notions Case Front

The front of the notions case

The original design featured a woman knitting whilst sitting against a giant pile of yarn. When I couldn’t get that design to work, I changed it to feature a basket of yarn instead. I also worked in some tools, like needles, a darning needle and scissors to add interest. The basket itself is worked in (appropriately) basket weave stitch, whilst the purple trim is worked in rope stitch. I used satin stitch on the yarn to give the illusion of a hand wound ball. I also worked the scissors and needles in satin stitch. The tape measure is grosgrain ribbon with back stitch to show measurements. Finally, I couched some thread to show the darning needle as threaded and added a (slightly too large) button. I’ll cover the beads in my next post, but basically they were added using backstitch and a lot of fiddling!



Embroidered Notions Case Back

The back of the notions case

On the back of the embroidered notions case you can see a butterfly worked in needle lace, which I’ll talk about more in the next post. From this angle, you can see that I didn’t quite get the case square when I stitched it. I put the whole case together by hand, including the zip, and I was pretty tired that day!

Embroidered Notions Case Inside

The inside of the case

I picked some pretty fabric to make the inside cheerful. I came across this fabric in an oddment bin at my local sewing shop – it was such a lucky find!

Embroidered Notions Case Stitch Markers

Cute stitch markers

I found these pretty beads in my local bead shop and just knew what they wanted to be! Using headpins rather than eyepins may have been more sensible, but I love the look. I used 10mm jump rings for these markers, so they should fit a good range of needle sizes.

Embroidered Notions Case Contents

Notions everywhere!

This is everything that I filled the embroidered notions case with. Stitch markers, darning needles, a tape measure and a basic crochet hook for mistakes. I opted for thread snips rather than scissors to avoid accidental stabbings when rummaging (ask me how I know). I also included a notebook and pen because you never know! The only things I think I missed are a cable needle and some safety pins.

Embroidered Notions Case Filled

All filled up and ready to go!

I love the look of the case when filled, with plenty of room for more bits and pieces as needed. I’m hoping it will be really useful as my Mum won’t need to pack up her notions when she’s out and about!

So, what did I use to make the Embroidered Notions Case?

The case is based on a pencil case design from Lisa Lam’s Bag Making Bible. I made mine an inch deeper that the one shown to make sure everything would go in. I wasn’t sure what to do when sewing up, so the zip isn’t quite right, but I suspect that has more to do with me being tired than the book. The embroidered panel is worked on cotton with a backing of muslin, whilst the back panel is polycotton. I used a cotton fabric for the lining and an 8 inch zip for the closure. I used generic brand embroidery floss for everything but the metallic sections, which are worked in Trimits. The small beads are The Craft Factory Seed Beads in the Rainbow colour, which I’m guessing are size 1. The blue and orange beads are 6/0 seed beads from stash.

This make was a lot of fun to create and I’m really happy with it, even if it’s a little wonky! I was challenged a lot more by this than by the Teddy Bear Embroidered Bookmark because there was the additional sewing component to figure out. I think I learned a huge amount by really stretching my skills and I’m hoping to move onto more complex designs in the future. For now, though, I have an appointment with some knitting that’s been waiting for me to finish this project. My next post will look more at some details and how I created them, so please stay tuned!

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