Kili Scalemail Gauntlets Test Knit 1

Hi everyone! I was planning to cover my stitch dictionary this week, but as the Kili Scalemail Gauntlets pattern has just been made available for purchase, I thought I would write up my experiences testing the pattern. Enjoy! Back in February, I was browsing the Free Pattern Testers forum on Ravelry […]

Kili Scalemail Gauntlets Flat

Embroidery 2

Teddy Bear Embroidered Bookmark Inspiration! 1

As a follow up to my previous post about the Teddy Bear Embroidered Bookmark I made for my Dad, I thought I would do another post to discuss where the inspiration for the words and phrases that I put on the books came from! So, I’ll briefly discuss what each […]

Teddy Bear Embroidered Bookmark 2

The teddy bear embroidered bookmark is now officially FINISHED! Yay! Plus, as a bonus, I got it done well before I needed to, which meant no running about in a panicnado. I’m pretty happy with the result – the embroidery segment looks good, but my overall finishing needs some work. […]

Teddy embroidered bookmark 3

Tiny stitches stitching kit

All the tiny stitches, ever 1

As I promised last week, this week I have some photo updates showing progress on my embroidery design including many, many tiny stitches! First though, a quick personal update. Last week, I mentioned that I was having a rough time and that I had started on new medicine. Well, I’m […]

Embroidery Design Time! 1

I’ve had a couple of really rough weeks, with having quite a serious wobble in my bipolar, then seeing my consultant who’s put me back on SSRI antidepressants in the hope that it will smooth things over. This is brilliant (and certainly kinder to me than upping one of my […]

Embroidery 1

Earrings Featured

Scale and Ring Earrings 3

Today, I decided to bring you something a little different from one of my other craft interests! I occasionally dabble with jewellery making, limited more by my ability to get hold of materials (I only found out there was a bead shop in my city recently, before that the nearest one was […]

Glorious Knitting by Kaffe Fassett – Retro Book

It’s time once again to take a look at another one of my pre-loved charity shop bargain books that have come from ages past! Today we have Glorious Knitting  by Kaffe Fassett which dates back from 1985 and was reprinted in paperback 1999 – I have the original 1985 hardback […]

Glorious Knitting Cover

WIP May 16 3

WIP Projects – May 16

Today I’m going to do a more laid back post and take a look at what WIP projects I’ve got on the needles, mostly because my right ankle looks like it’s got a grapefruit stuffed in it, so I’m feeling pretty lousy! This post will just look at projects I’ve worked […]

Rybka (Wee Fishie) Test Knit 2

I wasn’t actively looking for another test knit, but when the lovely Kino Knits (designer of the Adrenaline Junkie Sock) contacted me offering me the chance to test Rybka, I couldn’t say no! Rybka is a tiny fish ornament that is knitted using small amounts of yarn, making it great […]

Rybka aquarium

5 things I wish someone had told me as a new knitter 1

We were all beginners once. I’m sure we can all remember the old death grip on the needles, the dropped stitches and the pattern interpretations that ended up being hideously flawed. I’m only just coming into my third year of obsession with the string thing, so I thought I’d pause […]