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Today, I decided to bring you something a little different from one of my other craft interests! I occasionally dabble with jewellery making, limited more by my ability to get hold of materials (I only found out there was a bead shop in my city recently, before that the nearest one was a train ride away) than enthusiasm. As I’ve been having some pretty major problems caused by one of my health conditions playing up, I haven’t been up to much in terms of making things and it was getting to the point where my hands were starting to get fidgety from lack of crafting. I completed a test knit for the Kili Scalemail Gauntlets which involved knitted scalemail (the pattern hasn’t been released yet, but you can see my project page here) and I had a few scales left over so I decided to turn them into earrings.
Earrings 1
Luckily, in my toolbox I had enough odds and ends to put something together and I spent a while pondering how the earrings should look. I have a selection of beads and I was planning on introducing them to compensate for the lack of blue scales, as my gauntlets used both blue and silver scales, but for some reason I didn’t have any blue ones left over. I spent quite a while mulling over possible ways to include the beads in the piece, but just couldn’t find a way to incorporate them to my satisfaction.
Earrings 2
In the end I decided to keep it simple and opted for a straightforward design that used five jump rings connected together in a chain on each earring to allow the scales to hang freely, and allow one to hang lower than the other to add visual interest. The earrings also make an awesome tinkling noise when I turn my head!
Earrings 5
As for materials, the scales I used were small size anodised aluminium scales in matt silver from Beadsisters. You can buy the scales in packs of 20 or 100 and they do a lovely range of colours including a 100 piece bag of mixed colours! The jump rings I used are from my stock, I’m not sure where I got them but it’s likely to be Beads Direct or The Bead Shop, however, as they are just standard 6mm silver plated jump rings, you can get them pretty much anywhere (including Beadsisters). The fish hooks are from a set of findings I was given as a gift, I have no idea what their provenance is, but, as with the jump rings, this kind of finding is super common, so you should have no trouble finding a pack if you’re interested.
Earrings 4
To make these earrings, I only needed the most basic of tools (thankfully) which came from a set I was given as a gift by my parents a long time ago.
I used a pair of flat nose pliers and a pair of round nose pliers to open my jump rings so they could be linked together, but two pairs of flat nose or half round pliers would do the job, they just need to be fairly small.
Earrings 3
So, that’s about it! In the future, I’m hoping to do more jewellery making but I will need to get my hand tremors (caused by Lithium, which is on of my bipolar medicines) under control to avoid injuring my self. I would really like to have a crack at chainmaille as I love the look of it, although it may be more complicated than my brain can handle right now! I’m also working on a design for an embroidered gift which I’m hoping to start work on in the near future and my vintage sewing machine may even be wheeled out to create another gift. In the nearer future though, I’m having to take a lot of rest at the moment to try and prevent my health from deteriorating, but I’m hoping to keep on crafting albeit much more slowly!
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