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Hi everyone! This week’s post will just be a short one as it’s been chaos here at Tinsel Towers with a family bereavement, a sleep study which required two trips to the hospital and general bodynope. Hopefully things will settle down again soon. For now though, I’m about to start work on another lace shawl and realised that I had nowhere near enough stitch markers. I have enough bits and pieces lying around to rustle up a set of stitch markers whenever I need to, so I decided to make as many as I will need in one go:

In progress short of making myself some stitch markers.

Let’s bead!

There are 14 repeats in all, so I will need 15 markers. I actually made 17 because I misread the number, but luckily¬†they’re not perishable!

All 17 of the stitch markers I made in this batch

Here are my 17 stitch markers!

I decided to make 4 groups of 4 because neurotic me likes my stitch markers to match when I’m working a small project! These markers are all made of leftover materials from other projects. Apart from jump rings, I probably have enough materials for another 20 stitch markers should the need arise!

Lapis Lazuli

One of my Lapis Lazuli stitch markers

A Lapis Lazuli stitch marker in all its glory!

The basic structure of all the small stitch markers is the same, so I’ll only describe it once to avoid boring you! The smaller markers are deliberately very simple, so I could make lots of them quickly. I used an 8mm jump ring, which fits a 4mm needle nicely and a headpin – both silver plated. I then added one Lapis Lazuli bead (6mm, I think), followed by a glass 6/0 seed bead and then another Lapis bead. After that, I bent the headpin into something approaching a loop, adding the jump ring at the same time. I took extra care to make the top loop flush – wouldn’t want any yarn catching on it! I love Lapis Lazuli, the colour is amazing and sometimes there are little gold flecks in the stone!


One of my Citrine and seed bead stitch markers

So yellow!

This marker is more or less the same as above, but with Citrine instead of Lapis Lazuli. Citirine is another pretty stone, I love the way the light passes through it!

Dalmatian Stone

One of my Dalmatian Stone stitch markers

Every bead is uniquely marked in these stitch markers

This marker is made using Dalmatian Stone. Named for the breed of dog, these stones are white spotted with black. In my case, the background colour is quite beige, but it’s still a striking stone!


One of my haematite stitch markers

These stitch markers are surprisingly heavy!

Ah, haematite. This remarkably heavy stone is a favourite of mine, in part due to how shiny it is! It’s also pretty inexpensive, which is why I had some in my beads box. I was triply careful with the loops on these as I really don’t want such a heavy marker swinging off my lace!

The super-duper long marker

My rainbow beaded stitch marker

This marker took a little more thought!

Finally, we have this extra long marker. Why so long? Well, it’s partly due to me wanting to use a rainbow of colours. But, this marker does have a purpose. This will be the first marker used, so I know that when I get to this one, it’s time to lace! These beads feel like ceramic and they were super inexpensive. I also added a little haematite bead to the end because I thought it looked nice!

Can you ever have enough stitch markers?

I have this habit of mislaying my stitch markers, so even when I’ve finished the project these are intended for they will be put to good use. I struggled to make these stitch markers because my hands were not co-operating. I’m not sure why that was, but I can only assume that it’s stress + exhaustion + Lithium tremors making for a misbehaving hand cocktail. I am now ready to start work on my shawl, which was the subscriber pattern in The Knitter a month or so ago. This shawl will be my first time using a Zauberball and I have some of the new KnitPro Royale fixed circulars with the 360 degree swivelling tips, so it will be interesting to see how those turn out!

All of the semi-precious gemstone beads I used here came from Jewel Mania on eBay UK. The findings and seed beads were from stash and were picked up from various sources on my travels. The ceramic beads came from the very awesome jewellery and bead shop Mosaic in Leicester, UK.


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