The View from my Bed

I’m laid up today because my back is hurting and I’m having a fibro flare.  I’ve been feeling off for a few days so I haven’t had a chance to prepare anything for this post. So, instead, here is the view from my bed, which shows you some of what I’m up to at the moment!

View from my bed 1

What I’m Watching

View from my bed 2

I’m holed up with my favourite Holmes – Jeremy Brett. We have some differences of opinion in the family about who portrays the best Holmes. I’m firmly in the Jeremy Brett camp with my Mum, whilst my Dad favours Basil Rathbone, In my book Robert Downey Jr also makes an excellent Holmes and so does Peter Cushing.

What I’m Reading

I’ve usually got a couple of books on the go. I’ve just finished reading 2001: A Space Odessey, which goes totally snooker loopy towards the end, so I’ve moved onto something more sedate.

View from my bed 3

I’ve been reading Holmes since I was a child – I can never get enough of the stories. I have approximately a zilliion copies of the stories in both physical and digital editions. The book shown here is my latest copy, which I got from a charity shop last week. I love these old Reader’s Digest editions, the paper is lovely and it smells gorgeous. (Yes, I’m a habitual book sniffer.)

View from my bed 4

My birthday is next week, so my husband was kind enough to buy me the Humble True Murder and Madness bundle as an early present. This bundle contains a lot of true crime ebooks that I’m slowly working my way through. They’re awesome so far!

What I’m Knitting

View from my bed 5

I’m still working on my Exmoor shawl that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. It’s great working with the Zauberball and I’m already planning another project in it. I’m also slowly getting used to the Royale needles, though I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve tried magic loop with them.

Hopefully I’ll be up and about next week so I can post something more interesting than the view from my bed1 See you then!

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