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Hi everyone! As I mentioned last week, we have had a recent family bereavement so this post will be brief. As well as the bereavement, I am currently off work sick pending the results of a sleep study to find out why I keep crashing out everywhere. Then, because my body loves me, I have also been ill for the past week with a low grade fever which doesn’t seem to want to declare its intent, but has kindly triggered my fibromyalgia. Yay! So, I thought I’d keep it simple and look at my current works in progress and a couple of interesting finds. There are more projects than I discuss here, but these are the ones I have worked on in the last couple of weeks.

Exmoor Shawl

Works in progress August 2016 1

My progress on the Exmoor shawl so far

This is my Exmoor Shawl, which was the subscriber’s pattern in issue 100 of The Knitter. As soon as I saw this pattern, it became one of those obsession projects that I HAD TO MAKE RIGHT NOW. Normally, I shy away from patterns in The Knitter due to their complexity (I’m a Simply Knitting girl), but this one seemed to be relatively tame. I’m getting on OK with the pattern so far, after some consultation with the Knitters Advice Bureau, and I’m half way through the third repeat of chart A.  I even bought the recommended yarn, which is a Zauberball, although I used a different colourway – mine is in Durch Die Blume. I love this yarn so much! The colours are amazing and it is so, so soft.

I also bought some new needles for the project, which are the new KnitPro Royale fixed circulars which have 360 degree swivel tips. The jury is still very much out on whether I like these needles – they’re taking a little getting used to! I’m not used to having wooden needles again as I’ve been on Zings or my HiyaHiya sharps for so long. One thing I can say for certain though – the join is way less tapered than I like and it’s irritating me. The price is also a sticking point – these needles are £10 for a 4mm pair with an 80cm cable. I’ll post a full review once I’ve got my head round them.

You can find my Ravelry project page for the Exmoor Shawl here.

Angry Dragon Shawl

Works in progress August 2016 3

Four triangles in and looking awesome!

I’ve mentioned my Angry Dragon shawl in my last works in progress post, so this is just a quick update. I’m now at the end of triangle 4 with the between triangle rows to do. There are another 4 triangles still to knit. The between triangle rows take a while and I like to do them together so I’m just waiting for my hands to be in a co-operative mood. I love, LOVE this yarn though! Those colour transitions are incredible. When I made the first triangle I was very worried, as the colours looked dull. I’m glad I stuck with it though as it’s stunning after the first part.

This project has been ongoing for a while because the beads sometimes need more fine motor control than I can muster. That said, I’m really enjoying it and I love how it looks so far. I was a bit intimidated by the lace at first. but once you get into it it’s pretty easy. I think this shawl will be in my works in progress for a while yet, but I’ll keep chipping at it until I get there!

You can find my Ravelry project for the Angry Dragon Shawl here.

KnitPro Row Counter

Works in progress August 2016 2

It looks so happy!

It’s not a work in progress, but I couldn’t resist showing this cute thing! This is a KnitPro clicky row counter, which was released on August 1st 2016. When I was pre-ordering the Royale needles, I spotted this and decided it was time to treat myself! I have a row counter that came free with a magazine, but the lock doesn’t work properly, so it was time for a new one. This is one of the most budget-friendly clicky counters I’ve seen. It’s well made and increments both digits and decades smoothly. Mine was a little stiff when I first got it, but it’s loosened a little and is now firm. The lock works great and it’s so cute! It’s also very light weight – so light weight in fact that I accidentally wore it whilst walking down the street. I love this row counter and would recommend it!

Reader’s Digest Manual of Handicrafts

Works in progress August 2016 4

I love these old Reader’s Digest Books!

This is an interesting find. I ran across this book a few days ago in a charity shop and bought it out of curiosity. It covers a lot of ground, with short passages on topics as diverse as leatherwork and bonsai. I haven’t had a lot of time to sit with it, but I’m hoping to cover this book in the near future (possibly next week) as it looks to have a lot of interesting bits and pieces in it!


Well, that’s it for my works in progress and latest finds for this week. In the next week I’m hoping to get more done on the Exmoor shawl. That will depend on my fibromyalgia though, as it’s too painful to knit right now. I’m tossing around some ideas for a pair of lacy gloves, as well as some improvements to the site. I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at my works in progress!

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